March 2018 Update

The Aloha Spirit and smiles are prevalent at Ke Nani Kai.

We have had two fabulous pot luck and entertainment parties this year with socializing, dancing and camaraderie going well past 10 pm.

After much discussion, searching and review of the Ke Nani Kai needs and resources we are pleased that Stephen Stout has agreed to serve as our property manager for the coming year.

The many upgrades of our property and structures continues and some of the more recent work has included  completion of the renovation of the maintenance yard area, the removal of most of the rotted ends of the roof beams,  the significant upgrade of our recycle area,  the renovation of the office complex and the continuing correction of many smaller structures on the property that were showing signs of age and rot.

Leialoha Kaleikini is our new front office manager and she is a very welcomed addition.   At the most recent party, she entertained us all and showed her considerable talent with a beautiful hula number.

It is raining, and it has rained a lot this year, and all is good.

Projects, done and to be done

These are some of the projects that we have, are or will be undertaking at KNK.    This list will be updated as is reasonable but it may be out of date from time to time.

  1. The installation of installing gutters on all roofs over the lanais has been completed.
  2. New directional and informational signage has been installed throughout the project.
  3. There is a new fence and gate at the rear walkway behind the tennis courts.
  4. There are new work carts for our landscape and maintenance staff.
  5. There is an ongoing project to make necessary repairs to upper lanais due to dry rot and this is likely a two-year project.
  6. We are working on a long term parking plan and establishing realistic rules and regulations for such parking.
  7. There is a significant project underway to renovate the maintenance yard area.
  8. We are looking into the dry rot damage issue on the roof beams on the front of the unit to come up with a schedule of repair.
  9. Completed the redesign of the Ke Nani Kai Homeowners website.

Updated: September 2017

Free WiFi!

Enjoy free Wi-Fi at the Ke Nani Kai Pool & Picnic Table Area!

To join, connect to the network and use the Open Network-Password posted at pool.

This service is provided at no cost to the user and has been installed at no cost to the association.

Happy Web Surfing!