Homeowner Resources

Documents & House Rules

Document Library – The Vault

  • The Vault requires a login if you don’t have one or don’t know your login you can email for assistance. The Vault contains many important documents including Condominium By Laws and Declaration, Board minutes, and Financial Statements.

Ke Nani Kai Association of Apartment Owners – House Rules

  • This is a shortened version of the current House Rules, an extended version can be found in The Vault.

Management & Volunteers

The AOAO relies upon its owners to volunteer their time to work on Committees and with other owners for the betterment of us all.  Please volunteer to help and to gain all the benefits of participating in the work, direction, and guidance of Ke Nani Kai.   Please let our Manager or any Board member know of your interest.

The current Committees and their Chair are:

  • Finance  —  Debbie McKane
  • Entertainment and Fun  —  Rose Stout
  • Building  —   James Dobney
  • Community Support  —   Karen Crisp
  • Communications  —   Rick Shaw
  • Safety and Security   —   Peter Thompson
  • House Rules — John Sears